Meet the Farmers


Mat is the owner and operator of Slow Roots Farm. After running Capital Greens as a market garden/CSA farm for several years in Ottawa, he is excited about refocusing his efforts on operating a plant nursery at Slow Roots Farm in Kemptville, ON.

Mat is an avid sunscreen wearer, often has dirt under his nails, and sports a Tilley hat like no other! He finds joy in cooking and loves to turn simple, home-grown ingredients into a delicious meal to share with others.

2023 Farm Crew

Josh and Kai joined Mat for the 2023 nursery season. Without them, Slow Roots Farm would not have been able to operate. They were passionate and energetic members of the farm crew who never shied away from the farm work that needed to be done. Thank you Josh and Kai for a great season!


Pepper recently joined the farm team. She takes the "slow" in Slow Roots Farm very seriously. She can often be found taking a nap, chewing on her own ears, or doing something else ridiculously cute.

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