Mission and Values

Our Mission

At Slow Roots Farm, our mission is to provide our local community with high quality crops and to foster a meaningful relationship between gardeners and the food they consume.

We believe in the importance of building community and supporting local agriculture, and we are committed to doing our part on our farm and plant nursery.

Our Values


We approach our work with purpose, taking the time to mindfully nurture our crops. We believe that this approach, combined with patience and appreciation, results in a more satisfying harvest, and healthier, happier lives for us and our plants.


We are committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality products. We use only organic methods and carefully tend to each plant to ensure that it is healthy, strong, and ready to thrive in your garden. 

Environmental Stewardship

We believe that by taking care of the land and prioritizing the health of our soil, we can create a healthier and more sustainable food system. We are certified organic, which means we never use GMOs or synthetic chemicals on our farm. The long-term health of our planet, customers, and community is always a top priority.  


We aim to build relationships with our customers, fellow farmers, and other members of the local food ecosystem. We believe that by working together, we can create a more resilient and sustainable food system.


We believe in the power of connecting people to their food and the land  from which it grows. We hope to encourage and empower people to grow their own food, and move away from our highly inequitable and centralized industrial food system and towards independence.

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